FOC: CKEditor instead of Summer

Simple module for Opencart 3.x to replace default wysiwyg editor known as Summernote with CKEditor



  1. Download ready to install OCMod
  2. Install it with default Extension installer
  3. Update modifications in Extensions/Modifications

Replace builtin CKEditor

By default module ships CKEditor 4.14.0 with Standard toolbar and Russian/English only translations.

You can build your own with CKEditor build tool. To change ckeditor, just replace all files in upload/admin/view/javascript/ckeditor/* with new ones you got from build tool.

Then build OCMod with bash script:


Script produces which you can install with default Opencart extensions installer.

Also you can make ZIP by a hand (your archive must contain install.xml and upload in root). If you do so, please, do not forget to add * extension before you install.

v1.0.1 2023-04-13
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