FO_CSV - flexible CSV import/export for Opencart

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With this module, you can simplify import/export data from CSV files in your Opencart project. Current version developed and tested on Opencart 2.3/

Why do we need another import/export module?

There is known fact that Opencart licensed under free GPLv3 license, but many extensions uses they own license (proprietary in most cases) - many authors limiting access to source code (especially in Russia).

On the one hand, authors try to protect they code with encrypting software (ionCube, etc) and force users to accept their license (for example, license keys check).

As a user, you cannot modify encrypted source code by yourself. Authors not always can modify their products for your case, so you got in vendor lock.

Also, enctypted software cannot give you any security guarantees, because you dont know what code do in these encrypted sections.

Project Freeocart aims to create opensource ecosystem for Opencart.


At the moment extension is under heavy development, some functions may work incorrect.

I’m open to any help - ISSUES/PR


Use this software at your own risk!

Author or contributors are not responsible at data corruption/remove caused by using this software.

We are strongly recommend you to backup data before using this.

Source code distributed “as is”, all parts of the software is free and opensource and respecting GPLv3 license.


FOSSA Status

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