FO Auto meta

Create custom meta title/description with templates!

How to template

Module uses just a simple interpolation for product and category pages - use {{ name }}, module will replace these tokens to product_info or category_info value.

Product related variables:

variable description
name Product name
description Product description (html)
meta_title Meta title
meta_description Meta description
meta_keyword Meta keyword
tag Product tags
model, sku, upc, ean, jan, isbn, mpn Relevant product fields
location Location field value
quantity Quantity
stock_status Stock status
manufacturer Manufacturer
price Product price
special Product special price (if not set - empty)
weight, length, width, height Relevant product fields
rating Product rating
reviews Product reviews count
viewed Product views count

Category related variables:

variable description
name Category name
description Category description
meta_title Category meta title
meta_description Category meta description
meta_keyword Category meta keywords

Force replace all meta

By default, module do not replace meta fields, if they were filled before, but every template has an option to force replace meta value. So if you want to use only templated meta - use these checkboxes.

Customize page title/description on default pages

With this module you also can change title/description of some default opencart pages, such as contacts, voucher, sitemap, shop rating, product special.

Also module can change title/description for faq pages, produced by FAQ module

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