Transformers for the Aivika simulation library

The represented aivika-transformers package is a generalization of the aivika simulation library with extensive use of monad transformers and type families. It can be applied for nested simulation, package aivika-branches, and parallel distributed simulation, package aivika-distributed.

Unlike sequential simulation, the distributed simulation is more difficult for implementing the simulation experiments by the Monte-Carlo method. Therefore, there are additional packages that allow saving the results of distributed simulation in SQL databases and only then the simulation reports are generated. These reports are HTML pages with charts, histograms, links to CSV tables, statistics summary and so on.

This method can be used not only for the parallel distributed simulation, but also for other simulation models created with help of the generalized version of the Aivika simulation library. Please consult the AivikaSoft website for more details.


A generalization of the Aivika simulation library

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