Backport PR #16112 on branch v2.2.x (CI: Fail when failed to install dependencies) (#16137) * Merge pull request #16112 from Kojoley/ci-travis-fail-when-dep-install-fails CI: Fail when failed to install dependencies * CI: backport osx on travis changes en-mass This will move testing on travis to python3 (from python2), however I am not sure it is worth the effort of moving brew on travis back to python2 so that we can in very short order delete this branch and close out the 2.2.x series (now that python2 is EOL). * CI: accept that brew will be verbose * CI: bump sphinx version to pick up support for newer docutils * CI: remove mac builds on travis The brew configuration has bit-rotted * CI: remove the nightly build from travis * CI: add py38 to build matrix * Revert "CI: remove mac builds on travis" This reverts commit 4da7fa1c1966c0ebfe4e4b54c00193b6abc0d951. * CI: try removing the osx_image specification Co-authored-by: Nelle Varoquaux <> Co-authored-by: Thomas A Caswell <>

Коммит 5e13fa9 Jan 20, 2020, 5:18:15 PM
родители e852446 v2.2.x